Scenic Drives

Explore the spectacular landscapes of Moab on a scenic drive. Pass through National Forests, dinosaur tracks and petroglyphs as you cruise through scenic valleys and gorges.

Potash Road

Potash Road is a scenic byway that offers spectacular views of the Colorado River as well as dinosaur tracks and ancient rock art called petroglyphs. It begins about four miles north of Moab at the point where Potash Road turns off onto Highway 191. Soon the road goes into a deep gorge of the Colorado River, and at a place called Wall Street, visitors can often see rock climbers on the cliffs. Just beyond this, you can admire the petroglyphs; there are marked pull-offs and interpretive signs in the area. Further along Potash Road is the Dinosaur Tracks turnout, where you can see a series of three-toed dinosaur tracks
Location: Potash Road, Moab, UT

La Sal Mountain Loop Road

La Sal Mountain Loop Road is a paved scenic byway that starts on US191 about six miles south of Moab. It continues north through the forests of La Sal Mountains and through Castle Valley and Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway; the tour returns to Moab via Utah Highway 128. The road travels through a variety of spectacular landscapes in the canyon country, and the entire loop is about 60 miles long and takes three hours to complete. The highlights of the route include the Manti-La Sal National Forest with its views of 12,000 foot-peaks and red rock canyons, Big Bend Recreation Site with its many outdoor activities, and much more.
Location: US191. Moab UT

Utah Scenic Byway 279 Rock Art Sites

Utah Scenic Byway 279 Rock Art Sites are a series of ancient drawings carved into rock in the Moab area. The area starts on the scenic byway five miles south of its intersection with Highway 191. There is a pullout adjacent to the as well as an Indian Writing interpretive sign. Here, visitors can see rock art, or petroglyphs, that were created during the Formative Period of Native American art, approximately 1,300 to 2,000 years ago. The 125-foot panel includes depictions of animals as well as abstract objects. The next area of rock carving features a depiction of a bear and hunters. There are several other areas with rock carvings farther along the byway.
Location: Moab, UT

Shafer Trail Road

The cliff-hugging, dirt-and-gravel Shafer Trail Road (Shafer Canyon Road) is a famous, fear-inducing drive that may not appeal to everyone. You can see the dramatic switchbacks from the Shafer Canyon Overlook in Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky division, just beyond the visitor center. It`s a good idea to have a look at it before attempting this road. After seeing it, you may change your mind. The Shafer Road joins up with the White Rim Road and the Potash Road. If you are going back to Moab via this route, the Potash Road joins up with Highway 191, just north of Moab.
Location: Moab, UT