Outdoor Adventures

Moab is a haven for outdoor adventurers. Canyons, arches, sandstone spires and raging rivers dot the landscape. Moab's National Parks and State Park offer endless hiking and biking trails, the raging Colorado River promises fun and exhilarating river rafting for all ages and the spectacular sunset gives way to clear night skies perfect for star gazing. Journey with us as we explore the best of Moab's outdoor adventures.

Dead Horse Point State Park

A broad peninsula of land jutting out over the spectacular White Rim of the Colorado River, Dead Horse Point State Park specializes in the type of sweeping, jaw-dropping views that make visitors run for their cameras to try and capture the areas grandeur. In recent years, a tight network of fun singletrack trails has begun attracting mountain bikers who want epic views with moderate rides, increasing the popularity of the park.
Location: Moab, Utah
Phone: 435-259-2614

Arches National Park

Home to perhaps the most iconic landform in the state, Delicate Arch, and starting point for many travelers Mighty Five experience, Arches National Parks otherworldly collection of 2,000 arches, slender spires and spectacular hikes make this a must-visit for any Moab vacation. For the best experience, visit early or late in the day as the colors are more vibrant, crowds are lighter and it allows you to avoid the heat of the mid-summer day.
Location: Moab, Utah
Phone: 435-719-2299

Canyonlands National Park

Canyonlands is bigger, bolder and more adventurous than nearby Arches, though some of the most iconic destinations, like Mesa Arch and canyon overlooks, lie only a short distance from the parking lot. Canyonlands is split into four distinct districts. Island in the Sky, characterized by sweeping views from outlooks to the Colorado River 2,000 feet below, is the most visited. The Needles district contains excellent hiking, the Maze district is remote, rugged and remarkable and the Green and Colorado Rivers offer single-day and multi-day rafting and paddling adventures.
Location: Moab, Utah
Phone: 435-719-2313

Colorado River

It is difficult to understate the importance of the Colorado River in the history, present and future of the Southwestern U.S. Carving a broad path through the canyons just north of town, the Colorado River offers many recreation options for travelers, including half-day to multi-day whitewater adventures when the river churns with spring runoff, casual paddleboarding and kayaking when the river calms in the fall and jet boat tours year round.
Location: Moab, Utah

Sand Flats Recreation Area

Home to the most legendary of Utah mountain biking trails, the Slickrock Trail and Porcupine Flats are both challenging rides for intermediate/expert mountain bikers who want to savor the crown jewels of Moab mountain biking. Campsites are available within the Sand Flats Recreation area and the park is home to several ATV and motocross-friendly trails like Fins N Things, a playful romp between sandy washes and challenging slick rock obstacles.
Location: Moab, Utah
Phone: 435-259-2444

Corona Arch Trail

The Corona Arch Trail is a constructed hiking trail around the famous Corona Arch, a natural sandstone arch situated in a side canyon of the Colorado River. The hiking trail is 1.5 miles in length and winds through a slick rock landscape, taking visitors about two hours to complete. The trail leads to various attractions, including the Corona Arch, the Bow Tie Arch, beautiful views of the Colorado River, and a vast slick rock canyon. The Corona Arch Trail is suitable for all ages and levels of hiker and is best hiked in the early morning or early evening due to the lack of shade.
Location: Moab, Utah

Hell`s Revenge

Hells Revenge is a premier slick rock hiking, biking, and 4WD trail that offers views of beautiful scenery, steep climbs and descents, and breathtaking cliff edges. The trail is clearly visible and boasts sweeping views of the La Sal Mountains, Arches National Park, the Colorado River canyon, and Moab Valley. There are several challenges en route, including the Tip-Over Challenge, a small rock hill with a sandy base that requires tight maneuvering, and Rubble Trouble, which boasts large loose rocks and narrow ledges.
Location: Moab, Utah

Moab Adventure Center

Awarded `Best of State` for 9 consecutive years, Moab`s One Stop for Adventure, the Moab Adventure Center, offers the easiest way for you to reserve all your daily outdoor activities plus complete vacation packages in Moab, Utah.
Location: 225 South Main Street, Moab, UT
Phone: 866-904-1163

Paddle Moab

Paddle Moab is an owner-operated stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding company that offers quality SUP tours and lessons. All levels of paddler are welcome, from beginner to advanced, and qualified SUP instructors lead all lessons and tours, covering both flat water paddling and rapid riding. A variety of tours are offered, ranging from Stand Up Paddle, a half day of paddling on calm, tranquil waters that is ideal for the whole family; Whitewater SUP, a half-day trip that teaches you to take on Class II/III rapids; or a multi-day tour with camping that ventures through the beautiful Labyrinth Canyon on the Green River and the challenging Fisher Towers Section of the Colorado River. Paddle Moab also offers SUP rentals with premier paddleboards that can be deflated for easy transportation.
Location: Moab, UT
Phone: 435-210-4665

Solfun Mountain Biking

Solfun Mountain Biking offers a range of mountain biking and hiking trips to visitors of all levels. Established by owners Pat and Allan Poertner more than 30 years ago, Solfun was established to share the beauty of Utahs canyon country with mountain biking enthusiasts, and today it offers a range of both mountain biking and hiking trips. Rides and hikes are kept small for safety and maximum enjoyment and cater to all levels of hikers and riders, from beginner to intermediate and advanced. Friendly, professional guides lead the trips, and high-end mountain bikes are provided. Advanced mountain bikers can enjoy more challenging rides with one of the Gonzo Tours, which include Amasa Back, Porcupine Ridge, and Slickrock. Solfun Mountain Biking also offers package mountain bike tours for groups and families and special all-women tours.
Location: Moab, UT
Phone: 435-259-9861

Dan Mick`s Guided Jeep Tours

Dan Micks Guided Jeep Tours offers high-quality 4x4 trips and off-road adventures in the desert surrounding Moab. Experienced and highly skilled guides who are native to the Moab area lead the Jeep tours and maintain the trails to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment. Tours can be tailor-made from morning and afternoon to sunset, and there are full day tours with over 25 pristine trails to choose from, including Hells Revenge, Moab Rim, and Chicken Corners. Dan Mick`s Guided Jeep Tours provides a pick-up service, and bottled water and snacks are provided throughout the tour.
Location: 600 E Mill Creek Dr, Moab, UT
Phone: 435-259-4567

Moab Horses at Hauer Ranch

Hauer Ranch offers a range of horseback trails and tours that allow visitors to experience the scenic beauty of the beautiful Moab desert. Soak up the desert splendor of Professor Valley as you wander along the Colorado River, cross winding creeks, or visit famous cowboy movie sites such as those for the films Rio Grande, Rio Conchos, and Smoke Signals on guided tailor-made trips for all levels of riders. Regular half-day trips take between two and three hours, and, they offer an exclusive daylong horseback ride to Miners Basin in the La Sal Mountains
Location: Moab, UT
Phone: 435-259-8015

Bird Watching in the Scott Matheson Wetlands Preserve

The Scott Matheson Wetlands Preserve is one of several places in the Moab area known for excellent bird watching. Birds that are unique to the Southwest are found here among the arches, canyons, mountains, s, and wetlands around Moab. The Scott Matheson Wetlands Preserve consists of 875 acres of wetlands, including marsh and open water. There are more than 225 species of birds that have been seen at the preserve, and, although the bird watching is good anytime of the year, migration season is best. The preserve can easily be visited from downtown Moab.
Location: Kane Creek Blvd, Moab, UT

Skydive Moab

Skydiving here is a unique and thrilling way to enjoy the stunning scenery that Moab has to offer. When you jump with us you will enjoy a breathtaking 20-25 minute scenic flight on the climb up to jump altitude. You will see Moab from almost 2 miles above the earth and freefall over Utahs best vacation destination. Skydive Moab reputation speaks for its self. We are the most rated skydiving company in Utah, with over 400 Excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.
Location: 114 West Aviation Way, Canyonlands Field, Hwy 191 North, Moab, UT
Phone: 435-259-5867

Bike the Slickrock Trail

The Slickrock Trail is famous among mountain bikers and is one of the top mountain biking trails in the United States. This trail is a workout and suited to advanced mountain bikers, but despite this, everyone seems to do it, regardless of ability. Intermediate mountain bikers will find it totally doable, with some walking involved on more difficult areas. People who have not been on a bike in years also attempt this trail and can be heard in the evenings recounting their harrowing experiences, with shell-shocked looks on their faces. This is not a recommended course of action. It takes much longer to complete if you are less experienced because it will involve more time spent walking than biking, and there are equally enjoyable and less challenging trails in the area. The full Slickrock Trail is 12 miles, but there is a three-mile test loop, which includes a portion of the main trail. This is a good place to test your skills and determine if you want to tackle the whole loop. For some people, the test loop is the best part, with lots of fun sections and a good ride without the commitment of a longer trail. This Slickrock Trail is a true cardio workout with plenty of heart pounding climbs.
Location: Moab, UT

Moab Golf Course

Moab Golf Club welcomes golfers every year to enjoy a round of golf on our picturesque 18-holes. We opened for play in 1960 and are now recognized as the best choice for public golf in Moab. Test your skills on our challenging 18 holes of golf and you`ll see why countless groups have chosen Moab Golf Club over the years.
Location: 2705 S. East Bench Road Moab, UT
Phone: (435) 259-6488